Trained To Be A King

Moses was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was powerful in speech and action. (Acts 7:22)

When Moses was in training to be a deliverer for the Israelites, he was trained in the most unexpected place, Egypt! When Joseph was in training to be a mighty ruler, he was trained in the most unexpected place, a pit! When Jesus was growing in wisdom and stature to fulfill what He came to Earth to do, one of His greatest training grounds was His battle with Satan face to face and when He was in the Garden dripping Blood from His body out of anguish for what was about to happen. When Paul was being trained to walk in his calling, he encountered shipwreck, a snake bite, imprisonment and many other uncomfortable class rooms of sort. When Job was being tested so that he could receive the great blessings God had for him, he first walked through losing his family to death, losing all he owned materially, he lost his health and his mind was tormented.

It is fair to say that every great man of God who had a great call on his life also had great attacks on their life. To gain what God has for us, there will always be extreme obstacles and warfare to face. The one thing we need to embrace is that when we are walking through terrible times, Jesus promised us that He would NEVER leave us nor forsake us. In other words, He will NEVER reject us or abandon us! This doesn’t mean we can sit back and do nothing to war for the words that have been spoken over us, what it means is that God wants to partner with us. Can you grasp that? God the Almighty desires to be partners with us in this life. When God’s Word tells us to fight the good fight of faith, it literally means that we have to fight that fight but we are not alone. We draw our strength for our battles from the Most High God! In Psalms we are told, “from where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord!”

I think so many have a mentality that either God just does everything for us so we do absolutely nothing or we think that we have to do everything and we are all alone. Both are not true. Throughout time God fought battles using people dedicated to Him. This is because He loves partnering with us to win battles in our lives. This is why we need to understand and engage in spiritual warfare. In Ephesians we learn about the armor of God and we are told to put in on daily. Why would we need armor if we are not engaged in a war? It is God’s armor, (that’s His part) but the armor goes on our body,(that’s the partnering part).

Most people in the Bible who were ordained to be a King or great leader were deemed through natural eyes as unqualified or just the wrong person. God has a habit of picking people who were bound by many sins to use for His glory. Rahab was Jesus’ grandmother and she was a prostitute. King David needed deliverance from a demon of lust and murder, yet God describes him as a man after His own heart and made him the grandfather of Jesus! Moses stuttered and was a murderer as well, yet God saw in him a great deliverer. I can go on and on naming out mighty men and women who God used that were plagued by sin and family blood lines that were on the other side of stellar. We can even look at our current president with all the accusations and with his past being brought up for the world to see, yet the Lord Himself picked Mr. Trump to be the leader of the free world and the anointing of God is evident on his life even though he is far from perfect. I look at a man like myself who was the worst of sinners, yet I feel God’s hand on my life so mightily that it shocks me at times the plans He has for me.

What I’m getting at here is whoever God chooses to do certain tasks, He chooses them out of His wisdom and mercy and its our job as Believers in Christ to pray for, uphold and bless them. When God chooses, He doesn’t need our approval first, There are going to be many people coming out of drugs, sexual immorality, murder, thievery, dope dealing, prostitution and so much more. They are coming out of all these sins by the power of Jesus and when this happens, God will call many of them into leadership and kingly positions because its His will. The Church will look upside down to some but it will be God’s doing. Get ready to honor those who God has placed His anointing upon. There is a process going on in the lives of those being trained and at this time they are in hiding. They are being trained by God through circumstances and trials, not by seminary. When these mighty men of valor graduate their training, their kingly position is ready to receive them for the work that needs to be accomplished for God’s Kingdom.

Get partnered up with those who God has singled out for great missions. Everyone in the body of Christ is important but that doesn’t mean that every assignment will carry the same weight of glory. This is why certain people are under such intense attack by Satan. He knows those who have great callings and he wants to kill before those callings come to fruition. My word to you today is fight on no matter what comes against you! Your assignment on this Earth is not just about you, its about all those that God wants to touch through you! Contend or in other words fight for the prophecies and words spoken over you. That’s what it says in the book of Peter- to contend for the prophesies spoken over you. If you’ve received a prophetic word and have done nothing about that word then nothing will happen. The Bible says all things are possible, not all things are inevitable. If you want the words spoken over you to be inevitable then you have to power and feed those words with your faith and trust in God and by repeating the words over your life by your own lips daily! This is where the partnership we have with God comes in to play. Speak His Word over your life, war for what has been spoken over you!

You are in a process of being trained to be a king. Endure the training then receive your throne!

Pastor Michael Cannatello

Lazarus Ministries International