The One Who Satisfies

You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing. (Psalm 145:16)

All of our provision comes from the Lord, every breath we take is a gift from God. When we know that apart from Him, we can do nothing and that in Him we live and move and have our being, we get an idea of the connection we have with the Almighty through Jesus.

When we speak out and truly believe that all of our help comes from the Lord the maker of heaven and earth, we then have assurance that if God be for us then who can be against us? But what is the use of having a loaded gun against our enemy if we don’t know how to shoot it? If we don’t know God’s word, we fail to walk in power and peace. Study God’s word to show yourself approved a workman that is not ashamed! When God’s word says to study His word, it goes deeper than just the studying of meanings of words, it means to rehearse. We need to rehearse His word out loud and in our mind so that it settles in our spirit and deposits the life seed that it carries.

Ask God this day to make His desire your desire, and in that He will satisfy the desires of your heart. We were created with a longing in our souls that only Jesus can fill. Many go through life feeling that work will fulfill them and when it doesn’t we look to our mate for fulfillment. When that leaves more to desire, we look to our homes or cars or clothes and jewelry. When all those things fail, some look to drugs, sex and alcohol. We go as far as permitted only to see that nothing on or in this universe can satisfy like Jesus does. .

To truly live in satisfaction is to be constantly thankful. On the back of thankfulness is satisfaction. When we live in a thankful attitude, we find ourselves content where God has placed us and we are not craving for more. So stop searching and fall into the arms of the Creator, Jesus the King of kings. He is the One who satisfies.

Pastor Michael Cannatello