Taste And See

sweet cherry IIO taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him. (Psalm 34:8)

God desires for us to taste of His goodness. He desires a relationship with us and He wants to demonstrate His constant unconditional love toward us. The truth of this verse in the book of Psalms is that before we can see God’s goodness and love, we must first taste it. In order to taste something it must be ingested. We must feast on God’s word and take it as absolute truth no matter what our situation tells us. When we take God at His word and allow His word to settle deep inside of us, we then begin to see His Word come to life in our lives! It is an amazing and wonderful thing to see miracles, healings and relationships come to fruition. The process of waiting patiently for this to take place may not be easy, but as we wait on the Lord, our strength is renewed.

It was almost a decade ago when I encountered a mighty touch from Jesus. I was heavily drug addicted for over 25 years. I had such a strong daily addiction to heroine, meth, cocaine, pills, sex and so much more. I was homeless, placed in an institution for schizophrenia , severely depressed and dying from AIDS. I cried out to God at the end of my rope as the life was pouring from me and He answered me. He directed me to move from California to Florida. He let me know that He was going to heal me, deliver me and place me into ministry to bring hope to others. Well, here I am, years later and in ministry bringing deliverance and hope to many, many of God’s saints. While I am still leaning on God for my full healing in many areas of my health and life, I am not who I used to be. Jesus placed me in my right mind and housed me graciously, placed me with people who love me and has brought a level of deliverance to my soul that I thought was impossible. There is no one like Jesus!

Every test that we go through in life can be faced in two ways. One way is to fight it and be angry and never learn from the hidden teacher within that situation or the other is to trust in the Lord through the trial and remind God of His word and believe and know He is with you. 

Know this day that Jesus is with you and His desire is to hold onto you so tight, that nothing else matters. He wants you to see Him but first you must taste Him through believing His word and knowing that He never fails. If I had not trusted God’s word to me, I would not have seen His goodness in my life like I do today. Taste Him today, don’t wait till tomorrow.

First taste, then see!

Pastor Michael Cannatello