The spirit of heaviness or depression can manifest in many ways. This spirit becomes attached to many who are susceptible to it through open doors of the soul. This spirit could also attach itself to us through the means of it being inherited by our family bloodline. Don’t allow this spirit to rule over you. You can be set free by the power of Jesus Christ through deliverance!


The spirit of bondage places us in a spiritual prison and it does its best to stop us from being who God designed us to be. You can be free from bondage and all addiction through the dynamic power of Jesus Christ. He wants you to walk in total freedom and to not rely on any substance to keep you centered. God’s Spirit is all you need in you to give you the joy you need to walk this life out. Jesus can set you free from bondage.


The spirit of fear is sent by Satan to keep faith away and to torment us. Faith and fear can not work in tandem. God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. Jesus Christ can set you free from any and all fears. Deliverance is needed to be set free from the chains of fear. Once you are freed from fear you can walk in new levels of faith in God.


The spirit of death manifests itself in incurable diseases and early death. This spirit is usually inherited by generations past. If you need freedom from the spirit of death, Jesus can set you free. He came to destroy death and the power of Jesus lives inside those who trust in Him. Jesus is the Deliverer that can set you free from the spirit of death.


The spirit of rejection works to try to make us feel separated from God and others. It causes one to hate themselves and allows the spirit of infirmity to come and bring sickness. This spirit is evil and takes control of a person’s mind to make them think that they are not worthy or worth anything. It manifests itself in self rejection, rejection of others, insecurity, inadequacy and much more. There is hope for you if you are suffering from the impact of a spirit of rejection. Jesus wants to set you free and let you know that you are loved greatly by the Father.


The spirit of abandonment makes us feel as though we were left helpless in our lives. This spirit works with rejection to crush our emotional well being and make us destitute. Once you expose this spirit and bring it into the Light of Jesus, you can be made whole again. The Lord wants you to know that He will never reject or abandon you. Jesus desires to set you free from the spirit of abandonment.


The spirit of infirmity brings diseases upon us throughout our lifetime. It is represented by cancer, HIV, lupus, MS and many other incurable diseases. This spirit comes down to us through our family bloodline and it is also ushered in through sin that has not been repented from. Jesus is our Healer and He desires to heal you spirit, soul and body. We must first cast out and get rid of the spirit of infirmity that causes disease and sickness so that the root of the problem is taken care of. God’s word tells us,” I am the God that heals you of all your diseases.


The spirit of perversion shows itself by twisting the truth in our mind. It manifests as sexual problems such as pedophilia, sex with animals, masturbation, pornography, sodomy, rape and other sexual deviance. This spirit also causes perverted thinking so that the truth is not understood when it is spoken because the mind is controlled by a spirit of perversion. Jesus is the One who sets those free who are oppressed by the devil. He wants your mind to be set free to think on things that are good, lovely and pure.