Staying Steady

165.365 i´m giving it all to YouHe will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. (Psalm 112:7)

As we grow closer to Jesus in our walk with Him, we become more confident and are able to weather the storms of life. There are many times when it feels as if there is no time to relax, no break in between attacks to regroup and renew our strength, but there is a lesson in this uncomfortable season. Jesus is teaching us to trust Him even deeper. The harder the trial the greater the opportunity to trust. The most difficult of times is when the gift of trusting God is greatest. When we fail to trust Him, remember that a righteous man falls seven times but each time he gets himself back up.

Every day provides a road of trust to walk on with Jesus. Either God’s word is true or it’s not. We know that God and His word are solid and unparalleled truth, so we can trust Him whole heartedly. This is not easy because we have enemies trying to defuse our trust in God. Those enemies are the devil, our own flesh, sin and the world. But rejoice because God will always cause you to triumph.

Whatever we place our focus on we will attract and allow that very thing to grow in power. If we place our focus on symptoms in our bodies or financial problems or any other situation that is fighting for our attention than that very thing will become more evident and powerful. Keep your focus on Jesus and the goodness of your heavenly Father and the comfort and might of His Holy Spirit.

One of the ways God teaches us to trust Him constantly is to always remember all the times He has brought us through impossible situations. Times when faith was little and our walk may have been weak but He delivered us anyway out of His love.  

Be of good cheer my brothers and sisters. Do not lose heart Saints! Your Deliverer walks holding your hand and He says to you this day, “I am mighty to save, trust Me, have no fear of bad news, I love you!”

Pastor Michael Cannatello