Your Law, My Delight

Unless Your law had been my delight, I would then have perished in my affliction. (Psalm 119:92)

How very true this is. Many children of God become afflicted because of sin that matures and gives birth to death.The wages of sin is death. Though our sin was taken care of on the Cross, if we do not fall under submission to what Jesus has done for us by obeying Him, we open the door to many painful things in life.

Afterward Jesus found him in the temple and said unto him, “Behold, thou art made whole. Sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.” John 5:14
Clearly Jesus was telling this man, I have healed you but if you keep sinning, a worse thing will have a right to attach itself to you.
After we have received Jesus, our salvation is secure but consequences while on this earth are still in place. For every action there is a reaction. Our salvation is no longer attached to what we do or do not do, our salvation is attached to what Jesus did and Him alone. We do not become unsaved every time we sin, although there are physical and emotional consequences that we may walk through.
If we look through the eyes of truth or the Law, we live a burdened life trying to do in order to be saved. If we look through the eyes of grace alone, we walk through life paying consequences left and right. When we walk through life with truth and grace, we find ourselves balanced and secure in our salvation knowing that anything we do can be brought to Jesus. Every one of our sins have already been forgiven past, present and future. Once we realize that, we can walk out this life without the fear of “am I going to hell because of a struggle I have”. No one needs to get saved every week. If you are getting saved every week then you haven’t yet embraced the grace of God, you’ve only embraced the truth of God. We need both truth and grace!

If we love Him we will obey Him. No one loves Him at this very moment the way that God instructs in the first commandment, but that is the goal. We need goals to know what we are striving towards. We are striving to love God with all our heart, all our mind, all our soul and all our strength. That is the goal in this life! Through His love we learn to make His law our delight and because of that, His word heals our body, soul and spirit. If it wasn’t for God’s mercy and love and the life that His word brings, all would have perished in affliction.

We must remember that we are not under the law, but God’s moral commands are still valid. Is it good in God’s sight to murder or steal or commit adultery or use the Lord’s name in vain? Of course not. Yet so many people feel that the ten commandments are not valid today. Jesus did fulfill the law. In other words there are no more sacrifices to be made, there are no more dietary rules to adhere too but God’s moral code is still true today. We are saved by grace, not works. Keeping God’s command is not an issue of salvation, it is an issue of the heart. If we love Him, we will keep His commands. His commands are for a better life on this earth, like a security blanket if they are followed. The commandments are a guide, a teacher to show us what to stay away from so that the enemy of our souls can not have a foothold in our lives.

We are to obey God out of love, not fear. Serving anyone out of fear is serving from a place of bondage. God wants us free to love Him, not fear Him!

God’s law, His guidelines are now written on our hearts. Now what is on our hearts needs to be portrayed to a lost and dying world. Honor God and His word and bring life back to that which is dying. The Lord is the hope of all!

Pastor Michael Cannatello