Peace Within Your Borders

View from RastaholmHe makes peace within your borders. (Psalm 147:14)

When life comes at you at every turn and situations arise to try and defeat you, hang on to God’s word. He is faithful. When temptations are jetted at you from the enemy, allow it only to remind you of what Jesus has already delivered you from. As children of God, it is our right to have peace because of what Jesus did for us on the Cross. The chastisement that brought us peace was upon Him! God tells you this day that He has given you peace through Him who is the Prince of Peace, Jesus. 

One of the mightiest battles that one can win is the battle for the mind. I remember weeping for years before God and sharing with Him the torment and anguish that was wrapped around my mind. I felt as if there were cords tightening around my head that controlled what I thought. God had revealed to me that this actually was true. There was evil wrapped around my mind that I had unknowingly invited in by my involvement with sin and also from past wounds to my soul.  After decades of suicidal thoughts, mental pain beyond words and being put away in a psych word, I decided to follow Jesus 100% with no turning back. When that decision was made, a process of my mind being restored started. It was a long process that I fought and battled through, but I won and am free because of the power of Jesus Christ.

God’s word’s promise of peace within our border comes when we do not allow that border to be broken down. Constant sin makes an opening in the wall of peace that surrounds us. One of the reasons why God’s word warns us of sin is because God’s heart hurts for us when we hurt and habitual sin that is not repented from destroys us over time. It robs us of health, peace of mind and our destiny. The fruit of holiness through Jesus is joy, peace and satisfaction.

If there is something in your life holding you in bondage, turn it over to Jesus and watch His mighty power deliver you and make peace within your borders!

Pastor Michael Cannatello

Lazarus Ministries International