Like A Signet Ring

DSC01446“I will make you like a signet ring for I have chosen you”, says the Lord. (Haggai 2:23)

Do you ever feel as though you have a bull’s eye on your life? Ever notice that at times you think that Murphy’s law is reality? Here is why. You are chosen! You are a visible threat to the enemy. Know that the enemy is a thief and a murderer and a liar. He will try to deceive you by speaking lies that you are not good enough, not loved by anyone and worthless. If you believe the devil’s lies, you are deceived. The truth is that you are in God’s hand! Nothing and no one can remove you except your own choices. Choose you this day life. When God says He will make you like a signet ring, He is letting you know know that you are the one who is approved by God. A signet ring seals legal documents and royal mandates. When we are compared to a signet ring, the Lord is letting us know that we are ambassadors of the living God and we are sealed by His own hand! You are a jewel in God’s eyes, and the world as well as the enemy will notice you.

How do you react to trials? How do you choose to deal with other people who have hurt you? Choose life for yourself and it will also bless others. You are precious to Jesus and you were bought with a price, His blood. How wonderful it is that a signet ring is worn by a king, in our case, the King of kings. To be assigned the likeness of a signet ring is such an honor. The Father sees us as the product of the finished work of the Cross, He sees us as perfect in His sight because of what His Son has done for us.

Whatever you are battling today, whether it be low self-esteem or depression. It may be sickness in your body or financial difficulties, know that you are precious to God and He is available to help, deliver and set you free! Call upon the name of the Lord, He will show you great and mighty things which you have never experienced before. God is ready to do something great in your life. All things are possible, only believe and know that you are like a signet ring to the Father!

Pastor Michael Cannatello