In The Day Of Affliction

PressO Lord, my strength and my fortress. My refuge in the day of affliction. (Jeremiah 16:19)

God is our refuge and God is our strength, He is a very present help in trouble. He said that many are the afflictions of the righteous but He sees us through them all. He never said He wouldn’t allow us to see affliction but that He would be with us to bring us through it. He is our hiding place through the storms of life.  We are the apple of His eye. His goodness and His mercy are in hot pursuit after us all the days of our lives. The closer we become to Jesus, the more the enemy tries to destroy us, but his attacks only strengthen our spiritual muscle.

Through our journey on this earth there will many afflictions and tribulations that we experience without any explanation why. We can surely ask God,”why is this happening?, do You see what I’m going through?, will this ever pass?” There is nothing wrong with having questions, what becomes a problem is when we lose faith in God when we don’t receive an answer to those questions. Whatever we face in life, we need to know that God absolutey sees it. Nothing gets past Him and there are times when certain difficult situations are allowed by Him. Yes, we can question but don’t lose heart in the fact that He loves you and all things work together for good! ALL THINGS, not just good things.

Many times afflictions are allowed because it keeps us on the straight and narrow. King David said it perfectly in Psalm 119:67,”Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey your word.” Sometimes hard times push us to hold onto God even harder.

It was just recently that I asked “why there were so many assaults on my life?” As I searched the vaults in my mind, I recalled no rest from warring for my soul. No time of letting my guard down to remove my heavy armor. In thinking this, the Lord revealed to me that those who fight the most, win the most. You can not gain ground by standing on the side lines. Armor was made to defend and a sword to offend. It was made to be used. We need to realize that the more the enemy attacks, it just proves the great calling and giftings that God has placed upon your life. Why would he be attacking unless there was a threat to his plans? The safest place to be in war is in the front lines. When we are in the front lines, we are always engaged in the war and not distracted. We are focused. The sidelines and the back are for those who are injured, resting or not capable of fighting!

Be of good courage as you read this. This message is for you. Yes you! Your warring proves that there is something wonderful to fight for and your efforts are not in vain! If you give up now, the loss is great. There is no retreating, no sideline napping, no turning back. March and fight on Christian soldier. Know that there are a multitude of brothers and sisters going through what you are right now. God is raising up His David’s and Joseph’s and the devil would want you to believe that you are alone in your fight. You are not alone. Take to mind that quitters never win and winners never quit. We are winners and we declare today that we will stand strong in the day of affliction.The DAY of affliction is called such because that is just what it is, compared to eternity, just a DAY!

Pastor Michael Cannatello

Lazarus Ministries International