Good Evening Lazarus Family,
I want to remind you that there is no service tonight at Lazarus and keep in mind that we are shut down for the month of August and will resume the first Tuesday in September. All though we are shut down for the month we still have our regular financial responsibilities as  ministry so please continue to sow into the ministry while we are off for the month. I will be sending out a weekly email just to keep in touch. You can send your Lazarus offering to Lazarus Ministries P.O. Box 20817 Bradenton Florida 34202
We are preparing for God to show up with His mighty right hand at our Deliverance Seminar in September. Don’t miss out on new teachings concerning deliverance. It will be held every Tuesday at 7 pm in the month of September. You are all missed and I pray you are having a great month off. Rest up and be prepared for great and mighty things which you know not of!
God bless you and I miss all of you so very much.
Pastor Michael