Does God really want me free? Can I truly be free while here on this earth? Do I just have to learn to live with fear and defeat? Is this the way my life is going to be? Where is the fruition of God’s word in my life? Woe is me! The patterns in my family are just too big for them to be shifted. I’ll just carry this heavy load until I reach eternity. Depression is just part of life.
Do you ask these question? Do you make these statements? Is your mind trained to think in negative patterns? I can guarantee you that if you answer yes to any of these, that you need deliverance. You need to be set free from the demons that inhabit your mind.
Jesus wants to set you free and He wants you to reach out to Him for that freedom.
Tuesday night November 27th at 7:00 PM sharp, you have the opportunity to be set free.
Come out and receive what Jesus has purchased for you.
If you don’t reach out to Him, you won’t receive what He has for you.
Get out of your comfort and join us at Lazarus Ministries for a night of deliverance from whatever is holding you back.
We look forward to seeing you be freed in Jesus’ name!
This is our final full deliverance for 2018 so bring anyone with you who needs freedom.
God bless you and I’m expecting God to do great things in you and for you Tuesday at Lazarus Ministries 🙂
Pastor Michael