By My Spirit Says The Lord

It’s not by might, not by power but by My Spirit says the Lord. (Zech. 4:6)
When we battle the enemy we need to know that if we battle with our own might or power that we will fail every time. It is only through God’s Holy Spirit that we are empowered. It’s the devil who is the accuser of the brethren, we are not called to accuse but rather speak God’s word in truth. Satan disputed Michael the archangel for the body of Moses when he died. Michael dared not bring a reviling accusation against Satan, but rather he said,”the Lord rebuke you Satan!”
Apart from the authority of and in Jesus, we have no authority, but through Jesus and by the Blood of the Lamb we have all authority. Jesus has given us authority over all powers and principalities and we can walk on serpents and scorpions and by know means will they harm us. We may come out of battle with scars, but we are victorious through Jesus Christ. The wonderful news is that even though we may have battle scars, God will use those battles we have been through as a schooling for us to learn how to help others and ourselves as well. All of our past, no matter how painful it was, can be used by God to minister healing to others who are going through the same pains and sorrows as we have gone through. When we allow our past to teach us then we can have a different outlook on the years that we lived in pain. We can look back and see that our schooling may have been difficult, but what we have gained through it, no money can purchase. We start to see the hand of God even in our trials and suffering. Our battle scars are seen by God as veins of pure gold for His glory. Only believe that He is able and willing to do what He says He will do. Nothing in your life is wasted time or experiences. He will use it all for His glory!

It is by His Spirit!

Pastor Michael Cannatello