Pastor Michael Cannatello, founder and president of Lazarus Ministry, grew up in a loving Italian/Catholic family in Brooklyn, NY.  He was molested as a young child and then suffered years of continued sexual abuse by a trusted pastor from their church.  This led him into a self-destructive and life threatening 30 year lifestyle which included alcoholism, extreme drug abuse, homosexuality and prostitution.This was a tormenting chapter in his life that ushered in depression,schizophrenia,obsessive compulsive disorder,anxiety attacks and a host of physical maladies from heart disease, cancer, liver disease and HIV.

In the midst of his suffering, he encountered Jesus and experienced His miraculous love for His creation. The Lord spoke to Pastor Michael out of passage from Jeremiah. “I will heal you of your severe wounds and cure you of your incurable disease.” A short time later he was delivered from all drugs, this is after a 21 year, every day addiction to opiates, cocaine, methamphetamine, a host of designer drugs and alcohol and cigarettes. He has gained emotional and physical freedoms that only the Lord Jesus could have fashioned.

The name for Pastor Michael's ministry is taken from John 11:41-44, where Jesus raised a man from the dead and he came out of the tomb bound hand and foot with grave clothes on. Jesus said to his disciples, you unbind him, loose him and let him go. Jesus wants to resurrect what has been dead or dormant in the life of many Christians and remove those things that have bound many in their minds, wills and emotions.

The freedom Pastor Michael has experienced is the freedom we all can experience in Christ. John 8:36 says, “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.” Pastor Michael leads Tuesday night meetings in Sarasota FL.You can go to our calendar page for more information about these meeting nights. He is a prophetic and anointed vocalist, and is available to share his personal testimony,sing,minister and bring the deliverance ministry to your church.