Lazarus Ministries International/TMMC is open to all who are seeking freedom from destructive spiritual influences and for those who want to strengthen their Christian walk and discover greater intimacy with Christ.

michael1Pastor Michael Cannatello founder and president of Lazarus Ministries/TMMC, grew up in a loving Italian, Catholic family in Brooklyn NY. Pastor Michael was molested as a little boy and then suffered years of continued sexual abuse. He later entered into a lifestyle of homosexuality, alcohol and drug abuse that lasted for decades.

The years of abuse to his body brought on liver and heart disease and many other life threatening diseases, one of them being HIV. To survive he needed a multitude of medications and he eventually lost his business and became homeless and was admitted to a psychiatric ward due to schizophrenia. At death’s doorstep and at the end of his rope, Pastor Michael encountered God in a life changing way. Crying out to God in desperation, the Lord spoke to him through His word directing him to a passage in Jeremiah 30:12-17 where it said “I will heal you of your wounds and restore health to your body.”

He was supernaturally healed from many of his diseases over a period of time and was released from his homosexual lifestyle that had him bound. He was also set free from years of bondage to drugs. He then began to receive physical strength and over time he was delivered from tormenting spirits through confession, repentance and spiritual warfare.

Because of God’s redemptive grace for him, Pastor Michael, in his own freedom was open to God’s call to ministry for the freedom of others. Pastor Michael is available to minister and teach in churches and conferences. He is an anointed vocalist and he welcomes the opportunity to teach and minister corporately.

If you need freedom from strongholds like: anxiety, guilt, trauma, anger, phobias, adultery, abuse, sickness, pain, terror, sexual perversion, drug or alcohol addiction, or, if you are plagued by some of the more common areas of bondage like: fear, rejection, bitterness, abandonment or sexual abuse; The Ministry of Michael Cannatello can help!

Contact Pastor Michael at:
TMMC/Lazarus Ministries International, Inc.
P.O. Box 20817
Bradenton, FL 34204